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Mystical & Powerful Nordic Shamanic Music - Captivating Women Chants - Rhythmical Viking Atmosph

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Welcome to Rhythms of the World


Dive into the beating heart of diverse cultures with us as we embark on a mesmerizing musical journey around the world. At "Rhythms of the World" we are dedicated to uncovering the soul-stirring rhythms, enchanting melodies, and age-old traditions of tribal music that have echoed through generations.

Here, you will encounter a variety of Tribal Music genres, ranging from Viking Music, Nordic Music, Shamanic Music, Oriental Music, Elfen Music to Ancient Music, Egyptian music, Nativ Music, Meditation Music, Medieval Music, Rhytmical Drum Music, shamanic relaxation Music, Fantasy Music, beautiful Music, Soft Vocal Music, Dream Music, Atmosphere Music, Calming Music. In my Composition i often use Natural Sound effects as, Rain, Bird Noises, Wind and Water.

Rhythms of the World
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Art Made with After Effects & Midjourney
Music Made with Fl Studio

© Music and Art are created exclusively for this channel. All Rights Reserved

Website: https://rhythmsoftheworld.bandcamp.com

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