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Chill Techno Mix 4 - Deep Hypnotic Dub Techno Selections

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In this mix, I explored the darker side of dub techno, with deep and mesmerizing tracks at 111 bpm. I let the music play and made the transitions as smooth as I could.

I've been studying and practicing every day. I'm discovering lots of new music and gradually improving my mixes. The next ones will be even better!

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🟢 Tracklist

00:00 Simon Spe - Outflow
06:00 Chris Air - Increpo
13:20 Jemir Blanco - Falling
19:55 Nadia Popoff - Eleven - Dub Mix
26:30 Tender H/Groofeo - Under Rain - Groofeo Remix
30:30 Dub Taylor - Urban silence III
38:50 Schulz Audio - Night City - Original Mix
43:10 Schulz Audio - Idle Movement - Original Mix
49:00 Exos - Rigning í Stekknum
54:10 Nvelope - Zeitlos
01:01:15 Kano Kanape/Matthias Springer - Goliath - Matthias Springer Remix
01:06:00 Nae:Tek/Avguchenko - Connectdness - Avguchenko Rmx
01:11:30 STL - Heavy Snow
01:19:25 Altone/Rothchord - Boomerang - Rothchord Reshape
01:26:19 am.tape - Low Tides
01:33:10 Sven Weisemann - Icaria
01:40:00 Schulz Audio - On Sight
01:47:15 Upwellings - Blue Line to Brixton - Original Mix


🔴 Note

I don't own the rights to the tracks featured in my sets. These videos are not monetized and are intended for promotional purposes only. If you're the copyright owner and have an issue, please contact me with email mordzin@gmail.com and the video will be removed promptly.


🔵 Links

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/12155402998

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/mordzin

Patreon https://patreon.com/mordzin

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